Taller de Interiorismo by Standecor | En Taller de Interiorismo nos ocupamos de todo, para que usted sólo tenga un interlocutor y ofrecerle una verdadero servicio “llaves en mano”. Adquirimos el máximo compromiso con las fechas de entrega, la calidad del producto y el precio pactado.
Taller de Interiorismo es una línea de negocio que pertenece a Standecor, empresa especializada en la producción y montaje de Arquitectura Efímera.
taller de interiorimo, standecor, interiorismo, taller
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We always think about the functionality of a place. The team who is working in the structures can improve their way of working thanks to better distribution and better spaces. All this has for sure a positive impact on the client’s satisfaction.

Being unique is a way to be different from the others and to be reminded.

En exclusive design make the client lives a new experience and feels special.

A good and accurate aesthetic is the base of the seduction.

An attractive space, accompanied by a practical function marks a strong impact in the clients.